You are not William Wallace! You are more like Mel Gibson!

Well well well

It’s been long since I disappeared briefly as I was way too busy being awesome and all but I am back, and I know some of you are really happy to see me!

Is that a cactus or are you just excited to see me ?

Many things happened this past couple of months, specifically during my disappearance, the passing of Leslie Nielsen and Irvin Kirschner, but sadly Justin Bieber is still alive last I checked.

I also noticed the substantial increase of morons lately….especially after this guy got into massive trouble.

Well hello handsome!

Now our hero here definitely has a point in his crusade for an open internet and stuff. He has also leaked out some juicy stuff, and I am not gonna say whether or not I had a look or not but now I feel I am more knowledgeable than many dipshits out there who scream without reading his shit.

One fact always remains is that this guy's a moron, we don't need Assange to prove that

Now here are some points I see morons scream so much about the leak guy and his crusades (without knowing shit mind you) :

1. We are being watched all the time

– No Shit??? You thought your little facebook account is securely private? How stupid are you anyway? We all know the Feds are also watching 4Chan, which is a god damn anonymous forum, what more Facebook, where your name, address, phone number and dog’s names are all exposed out cause you need to let everyone in the world know what you have been up to at Hawaii beach during the summer? All thats needed is you to be a suspect of some terror link and the Feds just need to ask your next hero to open up your details to them and bang! They now know you are allergic to cats!

Your Hero

But of course, who can blame him? His Billion dollar worth self is hanging on a thin thread when he’s got feds knocking on his…..erm….email asking for details…he would rather secure his Billion bucks than protect one little dipshit like you on the net….I would do the same if I were in his place (how I wished to be in his place…but I am awesome myself thank you)

2. Leaks boy is fighting for ALL OUR INTERNET RIGHTS!!!

– Actually he’s exposing atrocious things done by organizations and is demanding for openness as in them being open to us….If they are gonna be open to us, it also means we have to be open to them too….its a two way thing dumbfucks!

But of course this guy doesn't get the idea of TWO way communications

3. Our Privacy is soooooooo precious

– yea right, that’s why you are so happily posting up your shitfaced pictures over Facebook the minute you sobered up from the shit party you had last night…privacy *scoff*. Listen you retards, if you so value your privacy, stop posting private stuff on your accounts, heck destroy your FB accounts you dipshits…Can’t do it right? you know why? cause you are born to be the stupid crowd follower you are, and the Billion dollar boy now knows this….

Of course he didn't realize it when he was Jesse Eisenberg

4. They will know everything we do, even when we take our dump!

– Yea big deal! Now I am not saying I support any evil govt organization or anything. But I say I have nothing to hide. Right now here I maybe known as an Angry Nerd…but there are some people out there who know who I really am….too bad I can’t do shit about it, but you know what? I don’t have anything to hide! I am not financing terrorists, I am not planning a terror plot and I am not investing in kiddy porn! I have nothing to hide aside from the fact I am pretty freaked out by cockroaches!

Haha let's send a box of roaches to that nerd's house!

5. We must support for an open government boo0 hoooooo they are so evil to us they arrest us booo hooo there’s no privacy booo hooo we are not protected booo hoooo

– Yea I am all for being protected, having a govt being open to me blah blah. But the problem here is people who bitch endlessly about being checked for things, being too secure and shit. Of course in case you missed out, slacking in security and shit causes this :

Hello dipshits!

– Being secure is to make sure you are safe from shit like that pictured above. Of course some security measures tend to be a bit absurd, but that’s life dipshits….people are trying to come up with ways to be secure, something you can never think of given the chance so let people do their jobs, stop bitching about it….end of the day it’s your security that’s being ensured off here…..and also the security of your midget idol who has no talent or whatsoever.

Terrorists suck cause they still can't hit the RIGHT target!

6. And then there are shit loads of people I noticed in places like Facebook who are screaming so much about Leaks boy being framed blah blah, he’s the Messiah, he’s the HERO, he’s Jesus’ second coming and whatever crap. Keep in mind this guy has just signed am multi million dollar book deal to keep fighting for his case, he’s got himself covered enough and probably doesn’t know who the fuck are you…and the fact he kinda screwed up with the two swedish women doesn’t help either. I am not sayin the guy’s guilty, but he did screw up a bit there…..after all you are holding tons of secrets and you know people are gonna come after you, and you go on a sex romp in Sweden…you also destroyed my mood to go to Sweden!

And there goes my Swedish blond dreams

Hence, here’s my advice to dipshits out there :

– Know what you are screaming for… scream meaninglessly without knowing shit on what you are talking about!

Exhibit A

– Also get some facts right, nothing wrong in supporting Leaks boy, but please at least read 2 of his articles before screaming ??? That way you won’t look like a whack job Simian!

No not these Simians!

– Before criticizing things, get things straight, don’t just say things out of nowhere. I’ve seen people who scream OMG Govt people who say they get back to you NEVER get back to you…it also applies to private corporations too for fuck’s sake!

He says it all!

Anyway that’s all for now…..

I am gonna start writing regularly again as I am freed up a bit now, but I gotta find more interesting topics (morons) to write about.


Till Then


Fuck Off

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