Nut loss!

My title should be kinda self explanatory. Its about nut loss. It’s about the tragic ways the male race these days are loosing their nuts. And my question to what is actually driving them to loose their nuts??? What on earth can actually cause a massive population of MEN…to not being MEN anymore?!?!?!

Just taking a wild guess

Keep in mind I am not screaming all male chauvinism shit here but I am tired of looking at the massive transformation the male race is going through these days. And no it’s not about homosexual men…it’s about sissy fuckheads who road around with girls looking like their FUCKING SISTERS instead of a stud!

Dying Breed here!

Today while driving to work being as awesomely man as I can possibly be, I heard this pathetic thing on the radio.

A guy calls up the station and asks help about his fiancee.

Well what can that be???

Maybe his fiancée turns out to be some murderous being, psychotic serial murderer or Christian Bale in a raincoat and an axe??

To be honest I would call for help too.....

But nooooooooooo the problem was apparently WAY MORE BIGGER THAN THAT!

It’s so Critical, Life Changing, Massive that even “His Royal Awesomeness” Steve Jobs can never dream of solving it apparently!

Sorry Buddy, your magical device ain't gonna solve this....not that it solved anything anyway 🙂

So what was the problem?

Now Mr.Dipshit Pussy here has a problem of arranging his wedding ceremony with his fiancee. Now the bitch apparently when dating mr.dipshit has mentioned that just one wedding ceremony cuts it…fine right? I mean it’s fair enough. Weddings are expensive and not many of us are born with a silver spoon in our hands!

Exhibit A is born with a platinum spoon in each of his fingers btw

So they have that in mind and went on with their regular dates of watching movies, counting flowers, eating expensive dinners, buying her expensive gifts and probably not getting laid with her anyway. But who cares right? He is soooo gonna marry her anyway, sex can wait! It doesn’t matter if she’s a gold digger or not…Kanye West and Jamie Foxx are sooooo wrong!

Your advice on Gold Diggers have fallen on complete deaf ears bruthas!

Then he decides to propose to her….every woman waits for this right? Where the idiot goes out of his way to buy an expensive ring, prepares a surprise which is totally not a surprise cause that’s what you expect from him anyway. Then he kneels down on his knees and asks “Marry Me my Princess?” And then you bitches, despite knowing you already trapped a guy for life and will say yes cause not many women will say no to a big fucking rock (yes not many say yes to the guy..they usually speak to the rock only), you ask for time and then you think about it, look around your potential market and realize no other dipshit wants you cause those said dipshits are usually quite smart themselves, then you say yes…..bearing in mind, you say yes to the rock, not the fool behind the rock!

This will never happen! Fuck You Hollywood!

Now back to our story. So the girl obviously said yes and earned her rightful position….no wait….CLAIMED her rightful position as the sissy’s fiancee. And then they go on as a fiancee couple now whose marriage is so inevitable…so says The Oracle!

No! Not this Oracle!.....fuck it

And then comes the part where they start discussing marriage again…just to keep things straight. Cause it’s time to get married and rule his fucking life now right bitch?

So they discuss wedding and now the bitch changes her story (to which she does not deny! – I’ll come to that later), she now wants THREE fucking wedding ceremony! She wants in the guy’s town, her town and one more extra for god knows what fucking reason????

The guy being the pitiful guy who’s probably stuck at a regular 9-5 job slacking at Hewlett Packard or something suddenly gets the “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?” feeling but unfortunately he lost his nuts months or years ago to this bitch as you would’ve realized by now. Why? Cause ONE wedding is already fucking expensive these days….people treat weddings like fucking Academy Awards Ceremonies these days, thanx to the fucking media and advertisements that hype of these shit and the fucking retards who buy into this shit these days!

Why go to the academy awards?? Just attend a fucking wedding!

But this bitch wants THREE FUCKING WEDDINGS!!!! Now you probably got the hint that since the guy is shitting bricks over this, it’s pretty obvious who’s gonna be paying for all of this! Take a guess dipshits!!!

definitely not this guy

So our nutless friend, having no way to express his disagreements cause…he’s nutless duh! decides to call up the morning show in the radio station, and ask for help from the public. He wants US the public, to help him deal with the bitch he calls his fiancee. Stay classy sissy!

So he calls tells his situation and asks for help. And people being the great helpful people they are called in telling him how to deal with it, suggestions on how to adjust the weddings instead of 3 go for 2 blah blah…hey people are being helpful at least, I give them points and I love them for that.

And you people RAWK!

Then comes the shitty part. His bitch calls in, cause she so happens to listen to the same station this dumbfuck has bitched to and starts bitching around. Firstly I don’t get it, you wanna ask for help, you probably should ask in some place where your bitch does not listen or read to? Or are you trying to drop indirect hints so that she will finally get it and become nice and decide to help you out by reasoning out with you????

That might happen......Probably in the 7th layer of your dream

So the bitch calls in, now she does not deny that she agreed for just one wedding ceremony, instead keeps fighting back, fucking convinced that she’s right and he’s a pussy! Well yes she got the latter right that’s for sure. She’s fucking rude to the DJs who I deeply love cause they are the only intelligent DJs in the fucking country and she kept defending herself instead of looking at it from the guy’s point of view.

Bitch….did you not think how much will it cost for him? Do you want him to keep paying for your fucking wedding for a long time while you waltz around in the name of being his wife? What guarantee is there that you’ll be loyal instead of fucking around with other douchebag when you find him boring in bed or too sissy for your liking? What the fuck can you offer?!?!?!

Can you offer perfection like this??? Nope...don't think so!

Now keep in mind before any feminist bitch starts screaming “Oh you are a male chauvinistic pig, blah blah blah”, shut the fuck up and listen to me properly, and go put a cock in your mouth or something.

I am not talking in the sense of being a male chauvinist. I respect females as much as they give me respect. I believe in women being able to handle things on their own, how they deserve things as well. But I do not believe in a one sided shit where one party has more say…that goes for men too. In this case of the pussy and his bitch, they can at least talk it out and reason things out, he wants ONE, she wants THREE, why not reason out and go for TWO?!?!?! And that’s also kind of giving, he still giving in to what she wants although not fully but the bitch can’t be satisfied with that obviously cause she wants to be the fucking queen. Who the fuck does she think she is??? And she has the cheek to say she’s angry with him, FUCKING BITCH! And I wonder what the pussy is doing now that she’s angry?

Definitely not this, cause this kinda requires NUTS

Here’s my solution…it’s pretty simple actually….and not long winded and all, just straight to the point.

Stand up! Face her! Talk it out as below : (and to be concise I will be labeling pussy as “P” and Bitch as “B”)

P : B, we need to discuss the wedding plans

B : What is it? There’s nothing to discuss, we are doing it MY WAY!

P : no we need to discuss it properly, your way of 3 ceremonies is a bit too expensive and unnecessary. We have to discuss this over again.


P : here’s my suggestion, we do two weddings instead cause it covers your family, my family, friends on the other hand can attend either.

B : No damnit! I want a BIG WEDDING Cause I AM A FUCKING QUEEN!

P : listen. it’s not feasible, it’s too expensive and we are gonna be paying for this, we need to setup a house, get a good car, run our lives, save for the kids

B : I don’t care, you are gonna bare it all so solve it however you want…I want my WEDDINGS MY WAY!

P : Hey I am trying to give you some space at least and not demanding it to be my way either, can you give that some though

B : NO! It’s a special day for me!

P : It’s a special day for me too

B : I don’t care

P : Alright fine, have it your way, with your next fiancee


P : You heard it bitch! Hastalavista baby!

B : You can’t dump me!!

P : Sez who?

B : I said so!

P : You and whose army bitch?


P : U heard me bitch! Pack up and fuck off, this is my house btw!

B : *Pretending tears* NOOO why do u do this? I love you, you love me

P : You love yourself more, so I love myself more too now. Fuck Off


P : YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, Meet my New girlfriend!

Ommaya Kaboom!


See it’s so simple to solve this problem. You don’t need to be all douchy, give her an option, give a sound option where it works out for both parties. If she doesn’t budge, wave bye bye and find a new wench for yourself. Yes….as you would’ve realized the world is kinda overpopulated now, finding a woman should not be too much of a problem unless you live in the wrong village!

But to be honest, these guys are better than some bitches!

Yes so do yourself a favor pussy! Give her an ultimatum, give her options, if she does not budge, throw her away, focus on yourself, improve yourself, get a social life which you so obviously lost when you started dating this bitch and go out and have fun. Eventually some woman will come to you, because let’s face it, some of the worst looking fuckers out there are banging some bombshells as we see it today! I am sure you can find some bombshell of some sort!

Here's a shining example!

And that’s all

And for any feminist bitch who wants to scream, again I repeat…stuff a cock in your mouth!

Till Then

Fuck Off

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