Anchorman’s spiritual successor is here! a.k.a The Other Guys review

I caught The Other Guys over the weekend and damn I was impressed! Fuckin loved it.

For all you shallow dimwits who enjoy “comedy” shit like “You again” , you are obviously below the intelligence level required to read this, so you can close your browser and go kill yourself cause you don’t deserve to be alive.

And I find her really annoying I don't know why

Ok for those who are interested in finding good movies, The Other Guys stars Will Ferrel and Marky Mark….I mean Mark Wahlberg…and is a buddy cop movie….HOWEVER it is NOT A STUPID BUDDY COP MOVIE like that piece of shit called Cop Out!

Why John Mcclane!??!?! WHY!?!?!?!?

The Other Guys feature some of the most intelligent humor I seem to notice that are lacking in so many movies these days. Probably because the new generation of entertainment goers have the IQ level of a duck on crack!

The Other Guys is also directed and co-written by Adam Mckay who has also collaborated with Will Ferrel three other previous productions Talladega Nights, Step Brothers and the god like Anchorman! So it should kinda give you a god damn clue on how awesome this movie has the potential to be. And it does not fucking disappoint!

The posterboy of disappointment

The movie starts out with a BANG…and I fucking mean it…it’s a BIG FUCKING BANG! We are introduced to SuperCop pair Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (in possibly his greatest movie decision of his career so far) and Samuel “motherfuckin” L. Jackson as they chase some criminals downtown, be totally fucking awesome, cause some awesome explosion and walk out of it, inexplicably alive….why? Cause they were supposed to be SO AWESOME they can’t be scratched! And hell they were so COOL!!!!!

Motherfuckin badass!

Hence, they are so awesome that every other cop fuckin aspires to be them, and this includes our two protagonists, brilliantly played by Will Ferrel and Mark! Will plays a bizzare deskjob by the books guy and Mark plays a hot headed cop who’s stuck with Will. Sounds so run off the mill right? But no it’s NOT! Its insane as fuck!

The new faces of insanity!

We are also introduced to other characters comprising of random douchebags, random idiots and Batman as the Captain of the department…..Michael Keaton to be exact.

He was the best Batman until the sore throat guy came along!

What makes this movie brilliant is it’s dash of random humor which are not just random but smart as well. The “aim for the bushes” part is totally insane and unexpected. And I will never look at the Prius the same again!

A hero's vagina! also an orgy mobile!

To make it short, the original badass heroes somehow meet their demise because of some non-existent bush and the other guys actually step in to fill in the shoes. And the story goes from there. The movie is so brilliant it also features what is possibly the most silent violent scene since the days of silent movies themselves! color!

Also we are introduced to Will’s uber hot wife, Eva “OMG MY EYES ARE MELTING” Mendes! Wow Eva Mendes, you have improved so so far. I was impressed with her performance. The last good movie I know she appeared in was Bad Lieutenant with Nicholas Cage!

OMG Look at those curves! Damn you Will Ferrel!!! Mark agrees with me too!

And hell I was impressed….for once I wasn’t lookin at her assets but her superior performance. She even sang the damn soundtrack “Pimps don’t cry”. Way go go Eva! You proof to be FAR hotter and far more talented than the likes of Megan Fox and co!


What’s hilarious is how Mark tries to hit on her and not believing she’s Will’s wife….LAWL!!!!!

Of course the running humor here is how Will attracts really hot women for no reason and Mark’s disturbed by it. And also the other running humor are the unbelievable skills Mark knows simply cause he learns them to make fun of queer kids….ballet for example.

And probably the greatest running humor there is Michael Keaton’s TLC lyric fixation, which he always denies knowing anything about. The only thing that can EVER top this off is if Christian Bale starts rambling lyrics off Fresh Prince’s songs!

I'll tell you how i became the Knight of a town called Gotham!

Also Will Ferrel has a dark side…pimp side to be exact!

Pimpin Yo!

I am not gonna spoil it further but I am gonna say this is truly Anchorman’s spiritual successor, it’s as good as Anchorman if not better! And it also features some interesting cameos like Brooke Shields, Tracy Morgan and Derek Jeter, the most important cameo that is!

Adam Mckay has done an awesome job with Will Ferrel to bring what we hungered for….another Anchorman that is.

Mark Wahlberg! Damn I am surprised, I know he can do great serious roles, action roles and well not so insane comedy roles but this has surpassed all his other performances.

Michael Keaton was awesome, been a long time since I seen him being awesome, and I wish to see him be this awesome more often next time!

Eva Mendes….impressive. I have never found myself being impressed at her performance cause I usually focus more on her…..erm…assets…but this time, I really didn’t notice those things cause she was so fucking good.

God's second greatest perfection after Charlize Theron!

The rest of the cast were good, and despite being in the movie for like less than 10 minutes, The Rock and Samuel Jackson were simply awesome….and I hope Dwayne Johnson starts doing awesome shit like these instead of appearing as queer characters in like…ALMOST ALL HIS FUCKING MOVIES OF LATE.

tell me, which part of this isn't queer to u?

And I also wish more awesome comedy movies like this come instead of shitty comedy movies like ….. any shit Katherine Heigl appears in!

Yes we get it, u r hot, independant,powerful whatever woman and the guy you are with is have been conveying that for the past 200 movies you are in! Boring!

However this movie will never surpass the greatest Rom-Com ever made in history! Twilight Saga!

Just get too excited Twitards...I Was being Sarcastic!

So till then

Fuck Off

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