Conspiracy Theory

I got some conspiracy theory running in my mind. It might be bullshit, it might be true, we’ll never know but let me put this forward right now.

This is what I firmly believe :

He isn't gay

So why do I say this? I am gonna stir some shit when I say this too by the way.

But here’s my take on it!

When this guy and that male version of Taylor Swift were competing for that shitty idol show judged by 3 clowns previously , it became clear cut that one guy will win but will disappear into nothingness and the other guy will probably be famous, but for how long???

Male Taylor Swift, cause he's shit boring

So as expected the boring guy won, and never became big anyway. While the loser had to come out with a plan to trade on his so called “prettiness”….gosh!

And hence some genius decided to market him as “gay”….but being gay isn’t enough cause there is a guy who is already gay but never made it big anyway.

Sorry Adam, you are NOT the first Idol who's "gay"

So they decided to make it “spicier” by making him CONTROVERSIALLY gay cause as you know, the morons who tune into this shitty idol show and listen to shitty radio really do not know what the fuck is being Controversial is about.

The true face of controversy!

And so instead of being the usual run of the mill gay guy which the media shamelessly tries to project, despite not knowing how a proper gay man would look like…they decided to transform him…into….the usual run of the mill gay guy who just over does his gay ness.

And this is how the conversation would’ve went with his management and him : (and I shall name him “gay” for anonymous purposes and his management “mgt” cause I am too lazy to type the long name)

mgt : “gay”, we’re sorry you lost to that boring guy… what do you aim to do next?

“gay”: I don’t know man, I wanna famous and stuff, u know kinda like Elvis Presley

mgt : whoa there…..that’s taking it too far but yeah you got the vision kid… how far are you willing to go for fame and fortune?

“gay” : I would go the distance to be like Freddie Mercury!

mgt : hmmmm….I think I have an idea!

“gay” : yes yes? I am all ears

mgt : you gotta be gay first!

“gay” : what??? but what about all the groupies I wanna bang?!?!?

mgt : you look like a groupie yourself, it doesn’t make a difference… are you ready to go the distance?

“gay” : well it’s just acting gay right, like going out and proclaiming myself gay to the public

mgt : it’s more than that boy, more than that

“gay” :*gulp* meaning?

mgt : you gotta embody the gay culture, to be gay u must be gay

“gay” : wha????

mgt : yes….we’ll make you gay, controversial, flamboyant just like Chris Tucker in 5th Element

The inspiration!

“gay” : but that’s horrible….I don’t think gay people are like that!

mgt : you don’t know shit kid….everybody thinks gay people are like that….

“gay” : so what must I do now?

mgt : we’ll transform u, besides it’s the in thing now, appearing gay will also earn you sympathy cause gay people are hated apparently

And thus…this was born!

Little did they know, this wasn't was a full blown trannie!

“gay” : erm…..u know what I feel like a star now!

mgt : btw…u gotta make out with any random guys ok

“gay” : what?!?!?! why??? doesn’t just appearing gay cut it

mgt : listen kid, u gotta embody the gayness

“gay” : alright who do I kiss?

mgt “: any dude nearest to you to start off with, that oughta start some shitstorm in the media and you’ll be on your way to stardom, like Freddie Mercury, the only difference being, he was a proper gay man….but it doesn’t matter cause kids these days don’t know shit!

And BANG the flamboyantly gay celebrity was born and kisses guys just to show he’s gay.

And yes I have an argument for that…..take me for example…I am straight as an arrow…but if I was promised fame, and 20 million bucks in my bank account…I WILL FUCKING KISS ANY FUCKING GUY I COME ACROSS!

Yes even this guy!

So yes….I believe he is not gay but a fantastic actor who could’ve upstaged the late Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain….but no worries, throw enough cash to Ang Lee he might make another one starring our flamboyantly “gay” idiot and another jackass!

Preferably this jackass

And that’s all I gotta say about pretentious people and people who are dumb enough to give pretentious people the attention they need.

Bravo idiots hope you enjoy being stupid for the rest of your lives….and by the way that other midget you all listen to…..has ZERO talent! Shocking isn’t it? but you won’t realize it cause you are stupid anyway.

No talent, ugly as fuck, I hope he has a large dick to compensate....

So till then,

Fuck Off


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