If you try to save 20 bucks today think about the potential 2000 bucks you’ll spend tomorrow!

Now as you may have noticed beneath all my angry rants and raves, that I am a tech guy. I deal with systems and infrastructure and I am pretty fucking good at it!

I also pray to this guy daily

So besides being awesome in my job, I have to admit, I do a little moonlighting too!

This guy however became really hard to kill.....

Why you ask? Well I have ambitions….I want to drive an awesome car, own an awesome house, just be rich enough to laugh at other asshats who can’t earn as much as I am, I wanna slack off whenever I can and feel like it, I wanna own a tech company and I wanna be so powerful that I can call my users a bunch of morons and they will still worship me and the fucking ground I walk on!

Exhibit A : My inspiration to be an asshole...a rich one at that!

So I moonlight with another friend where we have our own (unofficial) company and we do services for smaller enterprises. We are two man company and we are good at what we do. We are the perfect pair when it comes to this. He does what he does best and I am simply awesome…..greatest partnership ever bitchez!!!

Fortunately, I am NOT too old for this shit yet....or are we?

So we got ourselves a couple of clients to start with and things are ok, well at least they appeared ok in the beginning which turned into some sortta fucked up living hell lately.

We have a particular dude who’s our client. He has a small company with maybe 5 staffs in it. His nature of business is more into finance. Now I can’t give more description or put names in it so I will be referring to him as KB, short for Kodiak Bear. This is because when he stands beside me, he’s like almost a foot taller than me and way bigger…hence Kodiak Bear suits him well.

Unfortunately he's not as awesome as this!

Now, keep in mind, I am not saying I am some small sized helpless shit here. When the need arises I can move like a butterfly and sting like a fucking bee!

Imagine this, in a smaller package...after all we're in the compact era of things right?

But we ain’t here to talk about how awesome or HOT I am. That can be discussed on another day! Today we are gonna discuss about KB…cause KB is the main cause of shittyness I am going through now…..fucking KB.

erm no wasn't talkin about u.....nice doggie...I mean BIG BEAR!!!

Now KB is a cheapskate. He’s the kind of guy who would try to milk a cow even after it’s dead simply cause the udder is still there. So here’s how it goes, he has a small office, he has some computers, which are FUCKING OLD they can barely run Windows XP on them. He has one piece of a miserable “server”, which is actually a desktop machine which is made to run like a fucking server. Fine we can’t blame everything on KB cause his previous vendor was a cheating bastard who cheated him like there was no tomorrow and gave him the shittiest of things you can ever imagine.

Something like this guy but less stylish

Anyway we took over after KB found out what a cunt the other cheating bastard is. So we thought KB is an innocent victim so we were nice to him and helped him out as much as possible to cover back whatever that was done.

Little did we know.....

We realized KB was a stingy fuckhead. He barely wanted to spend for anything. He had a firm whose core business is SENSITIVE fucking information pertaining to money and clients’ money. Basically his data is his asset and hang rope as well. He loose his data, he looses his asset and he might as well fucking kill himself!

Keeping a copy of this at his tableside might prove useful!

So what’s his security here? Well to start off with a small HOME router for the network without any other methods of protection…..FIRST FAIL! I am not saying he should buy a motherfucking god like Cisco Product to protect himself but at least he could’ve gone and done better than that!


Next up, he has what is equal to a home desktop serving as his MAIN FUCKING SERVER which houses ALLLLLL HIS FUCKING DATA inside it! Again, I am not asking him to buy a fucking IBM Mainframe but he can at least invest in an entry level server which is supposed to FUCKING ACT LIKE A SERVER for Christ Sake!

Kids, this IS A SERVER! You want it to act like a Server, GET A FUCKING SERVER!

Next up, I proposed to him to get at least one or two UPS Unit, to at least cover the server during power surge, power failure or even fucking Thor going mad!

He can ruin your servers....seriously!

Next up, I proposed a backup solution…WHY? Cause your data is running in a shit hardware and you need a backup, after all your data is your fucking asset no? So the next logical step is to think on how to FUCKING PROTECT YOUR DATA!!! And my solution for this cheapskate was basically a simple nas box cause he refuses to pay for Licenses. A Nas box doesn’t require OS Licenses and all that. But nooooo Mr.Scrooge there just doesn’t want to spend more on these things THAT WILL SAVE HIM FROM POTENTIAL FUCKUPS!

On second thoughts, Scrooge was such a swell guy!

So his first fuckup was when his personal desktop got burned by a power surge in the building his office resides in. That would’ve sent FUCKING ALARMS in any sane person’s mind. But of course we are dealing with an idiot here who is so think he thinks miracles can happen just cause you think it can happen. And to top it all he wanted a cheaper solution which is to install a free backup solution into his desktop so the backup can run into his desktop. Now this moron forgot his desktop got burned and still wants to go the cheap way.

Either KB's cheap or has a shorter memory span than Guy Pearce

But you know what, his server burned up next, cause…A FUCKING POWER SURGE!!!! If there was a UPS, the chances of it happening would’ve been greatly reduced. But No…he doesn’t wanna spend….which brings us to the next problem, HIS DATA!!!

Yes way!

His DATA was fried along with the machine, at least half of it, which had to be sent to data recovery services which cost him a fucking bomb! Why? Cause he didn’t want to spend on simpler cheaper things like UPS and Backup devices. His data is highly confidential and critical but he had no brains to think of this instead decided to go frugal thinking it’s smart. Of course the data recovery guy is smiling his way to the bank.

Same smile...only difference, the bank walks to dear ol' Bill!

But here’s the difference, being frugal can be pulled off….if you are smart. If you are stupid, don’t try to be frugal, just spend cause people will do the thinking for you….brainless tard!

Before going frugal, invest in one of these.....

This is where I finally exclaim “I’m too old for this shit!”

I feel Murtaugh's pain

And someday I just wanna throw it all away and run away to New Zealand and herd a bunch of killer sheeps!

Awww look at that sheep, so cute and evil and all......

So that’s all I gotta say about KB….

Fuck Off

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