My addiction

Lately I found something that amuses me and I enjoy it to the core, Trolling! Basically it’s where we just go to boards and flame everyone posting shitty posts and all, it’s just plain fun. I am not sure about the other assholes posting there but I find it just fucking fun!

Something like this

And the avenue for this is 4Chan….I love 4chan! It’s anonymous and we are free to troll as much as we want, with a sense of humor and well all other senses too of course.

My new muse!

I get to bitch about anything and everything there. I am not saying I am one of those bitter guys who are racist and whatever there, but I admit I join in cause it’s shit fun!

Definitely more fun than this piece of trash!

But it’s bad I tell you…..It gets so bad I get so fucking addicted to it, like a meth addict!

Something like this but I am definitely hotter

So this shit happened today.

I was like so into trolling earlier in my office you know. Trolling to people about technology, trolling about their relationship advices, trolling about everything, basically having fun stabbing people in the face and laughing at them about it. Like the greatest douche ever lived kinda thing….I get that feeling….I am such an awesome douchebag!

My main inspiration of douchyness!

So I was trolling like a douchebag in my office, my colleagues and my bosses are around btw….such an awesome place I tell you, they allow me to be a douchebag during workhours…I mean how awesome is this right?

This is how I am at work! And my bosses love it!

So anyway, I was so into trolling at one point I heard this REALLY loud noise! I didn’t know what the fuck was that but I didn’t wanna turn my face away from the browser while it’s refreshing cause comments just keep pouring in every fucking second…I CAN’T FUCKING MISS IT!!!

This is how I look like behind the computer

And then the next minute my boss comes in, taps me on the shoulder and asks me “What happened????”, I had no clue what the fuck was he talking about. And then I realised my other colleagues were like kinda moved away from this one colleague who has completely gone postal and was screaming in the phone with someone….like fucking loud!!! So loud Chester Bennington would fucking fear when he hears this guy!

He just crapped in his pants listening to my colleague

So he was screaming away and I didn’t realize this shit….the guy was literally sitting in the cubicle in front of me and I didn’t realize this. I doubt I would’ve realized even if Kratos was there!

OMG!!!! Oh wait new post!!!

So well I looked at my postal colleague for a while, then…..went back to trolling.

Cause……fuck it, trolling is way better!

So Till then

Fuck Off

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