My childhood is ruined by boobs!

Well I am back, after a while, I was too busy for the week and too much of crap has been happening lately I just didn’t know what to write about. I mean I was spoilt for choices and pretty much was confused on what crap to write on….

I understand how this one felt too

But today I picked to talk about Sesame Street…..most of us grew up with Sesame Street right? So yeah I grew up with it too and I kinda liked Elmo a lot, yes…I was a kid and I used to like cute things, live with it! I also liked G.I.Joe and Mask btw but that will come some other day. So yeah I loved Elmo, I loved Sesame Street oh yea and I liked The Count too….ha ha ha, 1 Douchebag, ha ha ha, 2 Douchebag….yes That Count!

One fucktard! Two fucktard! ha ha ha ha

Now Sesame Street was pretty educational I must admit, for my age back then at least. And probably even today I would enjoy Sesame Street whenever I watch it. It’s just a great show, produced well, has great values and teaches us stuff that sometimes we just overlook. Yeah counting is overlooked at times, spelling is overlooked, but with Sesame Street these things are integrated so well that we still learn from them. Now I am not being paid to advertise these guys, I am just saying how good the show is….or was!

*sniff* *sniff* I miss you Elmo!!!! WHYYYYYYYY!!!!

Until about a week or two ago, I held Sesame Street with the highest regard. Very rarely any TV Show, movie or anything for that matter gets the highest regard for me. But I held Sesame Street equally as high as Lord of the Rings is to me!

Aragorn and SuperGrover were the greatest heroes EVAAAAARRRRR!!!!

But now I do not view Sesame Street as I used to anymore! I now despise Sesame Street so deeply even Sauron would cringe at my RAGE!

He just pooped his metal pants!

Why?!?!?! Why you ask??? It’s simple!

There’s just one reason why I despise Sesame Street so fucking much now! And it’s because of THIS:

This BI...OMG Look at those babies there!!! *ehem* where was I???

Yes, this bitch with her healthy set of knockers ruined Sesame Street for me!

The story is this, the segment where she performs with Elmo (WHY THE FUCK ELMO?!?!?!) and this is supposed to be aired during New Year’s Eve, and she apparently sings a “cleaned” up version of Hot and Cold….HOW MUCH CAN YOU POSSIBLY CLEAN THE FUCKING SONG UP??!?!?!

And looks like probably someone just couldn’t stand this shit anymore and hence released the videos to youtube, THANK FUCKING GOD FOR YOUTUBE!

I love You

Right after that youtube was flooded with shitloads of complaints regarding this. Like Duh! She was wearing a top which practically showed almost all of her TITS and Sesame Street went on to shoot this shit?!?!?

Look at them babies! Elmo looks like he just let go

It’s a kid’s program not a whore idol showcase! What the fuck is wrong with the producers? You could’ve invited at least a dozen other artists who at least appear a little more decent for a kid’s program! And while I fucking hate to admit it, yes, Taylor Swift would’ve been A LOT FUCKING BETTER! Cause despite the fact she’s as boring as watching paint dry….at least she’s decent!

Not that she has anything to look at anyway

But if they insist on someone like Ms.Booby Perry, well there’s the WAY FUCKING HOTTER AND TALENTED version called Zooey Deschanel, who’s BOTH HOTTER AND MORE FUCKING DECENT compared to “LOOK AT MY FUCKING BOOBS NOT THE SONG” Perry!

Uber Gorgeous, no awkward boobs crying to spill out anytime.....

But nooooooo, the retards outside prefer “Melons” Perry cause her shitty songs always play in the radio 24/7 despite the fact her lyrics don’t make sense and are total rubbish! Ever heard the song where she equated indie to gay??? Nope….cause retards NEVER listen to lyrics, they just jive or do whatever shit they do while listening to trash written specifically for their retarded brains!

She has no class, her songs are trashy shit made to appear different cause she comes out in ALL her fucking videos with her BOOBS literally CRYING…FUCKING CRYING to spill out cause she’s just suffocating those poor things to death! FUCK I’ve even seen women with bigger more gracious knockers who are more lenient to their knockers for cryin out loud!

Look at those, sitting there so comfortably! This is what you call confidence!

Heck Sesame Street could’ve called Christina Hendricks as a guest and she can still be more decent….she doesn’t need to pop them out!

And do not forget Booby Perry’s lack of class by dating an immortal jackass out of the neolithic period for fuck’s sake!

Neolithic who doesn't shave and do his hair but has his eyebrows done.....FUCK!

I am just pretty upset with the fact that they allowed her…OF ALL PEOPLE….to appear in a kid’s program…KNOWING her habits of suffocating her boobs and making them pop out like a dying fish in the middle of the gulf oil crisis!

Look at those poor things!

Why not go all the way and hire Sacha Baron Cohen playing as Bruno or Borat…cause he is at least talented if you want to be obscene about it!!!

Greatest Man that ever Lived!

But NOOOOOOO they MUST invite her and turn Sesame Street in Sesame Eating Whores Street!

Speaking of's another candidate for you Sesame Street!

So that’s all, that’s all I wanna rant about. I am not gonna watch Sesame Street anymore, not gonna view it the same way anymore. I will find some other kid’s program to enjoy from now ON!!! *sob* *sob*

Yay I found my favorite Kid's Program!

So Till Then

Fuck Off

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