The people at the Grammy’s Panel must be retarded

Yeap I don’t care who says what and thinks what because 3/4 of all those who listen to radio, and to these “grammy” nominated artists are fucking retards so they are not smart enough to have a valid argument with me. I personally think those who sit at the Grammy’s panel must be fucking retarded. Or to give them the benefit of the doubt, there’s simply no talent popping up anywhere for the past 2 to 5 years.

Solid Proof that there's a severe lack of talent these days

So why do I think they are a bunch of retards?

Simple…look at the winners this year…..What the Fuck is wrong with them and the fucking world?!?!?!

The guys behind Adam Levine in Maroon 5 can finally be happy there's a group uglier than them!

Do you people SERIOUSLY listen to what the fuck she sings about ????

Let’s go to the ugly guys first. This is a band centered around one guy since the band’s name is based on his name, much like Dave Matthew’s band, Daughtry and so on. I really fucking hate bands that is centered around one guy’s name! First and foremost in order to have his name planted on the band as a motherfucking name, the guy whose name is being used has to be fucking godlike and nothing less!

Pictured Above : God-like!

Take Daughtry for example, a band that’s built around a guy who’s achieved nothing except some runner’s up shit in American Idol! Yes…he did not even win the fucking thing and he got a band named after him…..worst of all, he sings shit that is almost identical with Nickelback, a band that pioneered the “our songs sounds the same in all the album” shit and talks really big about how there’s no talent in the industry now….dipshit probably forgot he came from the same breed of talentless pricks there are today!

Douchebag who ISN'T Vin Diesel!

And I also think the same of Dave Matthew’s band cause they suck and he sucks!

This guy can possibly overthrow Steve Jobs from the "I am full of myself" department!

So we come to Zac Brown….who not only sucks, but also doesn’t have anything else to compensate for the lack of talent….looks for example. Which puts Megan Fox above him cause despite the brain damaging lack of talent in her, she at least offers us “something else” to look forward to!

There's talent popping right out of the cute blue lack of a shirt!

And to demonstrate how talentless bunch of pricks this band is, here’s a GOLDEN FUCKING EXAMPLE!

Dissection time bitches! And it’s their “hit” single, Free.

Do all the things

That lovers do

Just me and you

Just as free

Free as we’ll ever be

Just as free

Free as we’ll ever be

And ever be

No we don’t have a

Lot of money

No we don’t have a

Lot of money

No we don’t have a

Lot of money

All we need is love

Free as we’ll ever be

Just as free

Free as we’ll ever be

Ever be

So we live in our old van

Travel all across this land

Me and you

Yes, this is what they came up with….sad to say even Justin Bieber’s lyrics has more “variety” of words in it compared to this piece of trash! The title of the song looks like it was ripped off from Freebird, but they decided to take out the “bird” just to be safe, the tone of the song sounds almost “freebird” like to me but of course, these bunch of talentless pricks can’t duplicate an epic guitar solo so the song just remains sucky as it’s meant to be! At one point, they completely have no clue how to fill the song with any appropriate lyrics so they decide to repeat two lines again and again, very “intelligent” dickheads! And of course they are idiots who actually listen to this and enjoy themselves….I’ll let you be the judge on “who’s the bigger retard” here….is it them or you, the dumbass listeners???

So you're ACTUALLY more talented than someone else finally!

Next we come to the “princess”….princess of retards more like it! Our monotonous sounding grammy winning artist who has the creativity level equivalent to a pigeon on crack is everyone’s favorite “sweetheart”….why??? I have abso-fucking-lutely no clue! To my opinion there are way greater “sweethearts” out there!

This SweetHeart can also take care of your local thug problems!

Where can I start?? First and foremost, I think she’s insulting us with her stupid songs that sound like an extension to her first “hit” single….which pictured her as a princess and some faggot as a prince….which has probably been her recurring theme for all her songs, cause she has a limited creative vision to picture herself as something else other than a princess waiting for a faggot prince to arrive and save her on his faggot pony!

Faggot Prince!...Faggot Pony sold separately!

So she keeps writing the same shit over and over again, and then stretches her brains a little to create a different title for her song so that it is actually a “different” song, and MOTHERFUCKING RETARDS like YOU listen to it with wide smile like a faggot zombie and think that it’s the greatest song ever…..WAKE UP idiots! Do you realize that an album of songs, no matter how fucking sucky it is, at least needs a variety of songs, instead of those that sound like SONG NUMBER 1 EXTENDED FUCKING EDITION!!?!?!? And this tragically makes Britney Spears a better “artist” than this idiotic delusional retard who writes the same shit over and over again?!?!?!

And she also at least had something to look at if you got bored at her "talent"!

It’s pretty irritating to listen to her sing again and again about how she’s the princess and she’s waiting for her prince and then he comes and saves her, there’s fucking magic in the air and they are in love and they live happily ever after?!?!?! BULLSHIT!!! It’s like listening to Eminem bitch about Kim and how he was a douchebag and he has finally changed….for more than 10 fucking years!!! But you know what?despite rapping, at least Eminem is able to sing(erm….rap?) in DIFFERENT FUCKING TONES!!!!

And while we're at it, Eminem, I know you've been a douche, I FORGIVE YOU, please move on and sing more awesome stuff like "Without Me"!!!!

Now on to this GRAMMY WINNING “ARTIST”, who sings like a fucking retarded tone deaf 5 year old would! Have you not noticed that she sounds the same in ALL HER FUCKING SONGS!! There’s just one single fucking tone throughout all her retarded songs, not only the lyrics are monotonous, she sounds monotonous too!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU IDIOTS?!?!?! You can fucking sing your own songs in the fucking shower and still sound better than this dipshit anytime!!!!


And then every once in a while she tries to do some shit high pitch sound which sounds like a fucking boombox being fucked by a fucking horse!!! And people actually enjoy this shit!!!! And you people are still questioning if 2012 is real or not??? Well I don’t know if it’s real but I FUCKING WISH IT’S REAL!!!! Cause I do not want to spend another good 60 years of my fucking life imprisoned around fucking morons!!! That’s a long way to go and I can’t take this damage to my brains anymore!!!

Next on the same blind fucktards also call her “gorgeous”??? Are you people out of your fucking minds?!?!?! Do you what is the fucking definition of gorgeous?!?!?!

Do you know what is fuc.....OOOO HELLLOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!! *blushing*

Taylor looks like a pale piece of shit…..there’s no fucking way I can get a boner from looking at her….she’s ugly, she has NOOOOO ASSETS TO SHOW hence she has no compensation point cause she has no TALENT to display as well!!!!

Exhibit A: Talent - ZERO, Compensation point - you are looking at it!

To be fair to the's your compensation point for a not so talented star...although I think Legolas was pretty bitchin!

And I have no clue why people actually enjoy these bunch of talentless retards I have mentioned above! FYI, there are still a bunch of REAL talented artists out there who deserve better than these bunch of fuck ups who have nothing to offer and are insulting us at every turn. I take my intelligence quite seriously although I don’t show it here much cause it’s a blog where I throw my rage, not do complex quantum physics calculations so that I can proof to you my intelligence….I don’t have to proof anything to anyone btw cause you dipshits are not paying my salary to me. Back to the original assholes I was bitching about, yes…they are talentless, deserve none of the attention they are getting now and should be thrown, no…catapulted in some fucking volcano cause the world as we know it are already populated by morons right now, we do not want the moron population to grow further! This impacts the world a lot….and with the reduction of these shitty population, the possible shitstorm projected by Roland Emmerich can also be delayed!

Churning out more believable Bullshit than Taylor Swift since 1984!

So that’s all, I just wanna let out what I think, and I am sure it’s true that there are talentless pricks like those I described above and there are fucking idiots who actually enjoy having their intelligence being insulted at every turn. That is the reality I am forced to live with for the time being and I secretly hope something shitty happens to these morons so that I can finally live in peace!

*ehem* hope you were listening, ah crap dialed the wrong Devil! Helllooooo beautiful!

OK got the right guy! Stop gaying around and make yourself useful for once!

So till then

Fuck Off

P.S I do not advocate making wishes to the devil, do it at your own risk….if it comes in the form of Elizabeth Hurley, I do not blame you, at least it’s better than coming in the form of Taylor Swift!

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