We are a generation of men raised by women

Now I bet many guys would’ve been puzzled at this line our tragic savior uttered out during Fight Club. What the fuck did this guy mean btw? That’s what many of you dipshits would’ve been asking……other dipshits though were a lot smarter, they figured it out and well….became at least 1/3 of what our tragic savior is.

Pictured : Our Tragic Savior, pre-Mr&Mrs.Smith era

So why am I emphasizing on something’s that more than a decade old??? Why not pick something from something newer and fresher in our memories??? Well if you think back properly, the only turd that’s fresher in our memories is shit that turn pitbulls to fucking poodles dear dipshits!

Which part of this doesn't scream Village People to you?

The current shit’s that being hurled at us are nothing but shit branded for a new generation of feminized men…or should i say….ladyboys! I am pretty upset with this new generation of faggots who are nothing but sensitive piece of shit who now bend over their backs to women and are so passive to the point it makes Richard Simmons look like motherfucking Rambo!!!

Someday this will be the only "Man" left on earth!

First let’s get this straight. I do not want to be misunderstood as a male chauvinistic pig or such. I am not the kind of guy who says all men have rights to rule the planet and women must kneel down to us blah blah. No I am not such a person. Now what I believe in, is equal treatment. Guy or Girl, everyone’s equal, who’s more capable becomes the leader regardless of sex or whatever. Ok so we’ve got this straightened out let’s move on with this topic.

What I really get irritated with these days is the number of ladyboys which are increasing at an alarming rate to the point I just think this disease is airborn. Take a look around….how many masculine men do you see these days? Actually there are masculine men out there to tell you the truth…but here…let me rephrase that question….how many masculine “straight” men have you seen these days?  Now, I have no qualms about the gay community. I’ve got some friends who are gay too and I think they are nice guys, but anyway back to our topic…..it’s great to see the gay men have their masculine gay men for them cut out. But what about the heterosexual men??? As I see it these days, the new trend is these heterosexual men becoming really girly to the point the girls they are dating appear more manly than they are.

Something like this.....

Besides that it’s the behavior of these guys, they are so fucking passive to the point you just try to figure out? Are these guys capable of thrusting in bed or do they just lie there and take it with the woman on top all the time? Bitches….do you actually like this or you need a real dick?

No! Not this Dick!

I get fucking sick of guys taking their time to groom themselves, refine their hair, take care of their “oh so gentle” face, act like fucking women on the dinner table holding their utensils like a fucking eunuch!!! NO!!! an eunuch is more manlier than these faggots for cryin out loud! What the fuck is wrong with these guys?!!?!?! Can’t you be just normal men without the girlying up and all ???

You don't need to be 100% like this, but hey...knock yourselves out!

Worst of all I see these guys being so passive. I saw this video of this faggot with a girl in the restaurant and another girl there arguing over him and this guy’s JUST SHUTTING THE FUCK UP!!!! I mean For fuck’s sake…if you want to cheat on your girlfriend, cheat properly, dump her like a man!!!! Don’t look away like a fucking faggot when she screams at you in fucking public and then have your new UGLY AS FUCK girlfriend stand up and fight for you!!! And bitches…..what the fuck is wrong with you?!?!?! Don’t you want a guy who looks like he can at least hammer three nails into the wall comfortably instead of one that looks like he will collapse the minute you hand him the motherfucking hammer?!?!?! If you were looking for a pussy you could just become a fucking lesbo!!! It will be good for you, good for everyone and if you release a hot steamy lesbo tape…it will be damn fantastic for me too for cryin out loud!!!

Hollywood finally answered my call!

And then there’s another case, a friend of mine’s involved with a guy, who’s apparently good looking but when I saw him I never thought he was good looking or anything. I actually thought Lance Bass was a better man than him!

This was probably the last time you saw some real "boys"....

Now apparently this guy has emotional problems. He’s married with little kids and has a wife that’s cheated on him….3 FUCKING TIMES!!! And he cries about it every motherfucking night!!! I mean what the fuck is wrong with this guy?!?!?! And he’s barely 30 for fuck’s sake!!! I mean it’s pretty simple….ok Wife cheats on you first time, you warn her cause you wanna maintain a marriage for the good of the kid…fine!!! Wife cheats again….don’t beg….fucking dump her!!! she wants the kid???? Let her have the fucking kid!!! You should be able to keep producing fucking sperm to the point you can plant your very own seeds to any fucking country you go to…..why do you have to cry every fucking night thinking about this?!?!?!? Why can’t you be like this guy?

yippee ki yay Mother Fucker! Doubt he shed a single tear over this!

But noooo…you have to cry, ask why your wife is such a whore who cheated on you three fucking times while you looked on like the faggot you are and you cry over everything…..gosh dude get some sanitary pads on your way out! Is this the kind of guy you ladies want to live with??? In fact I am not surprised that his wife cheated on him….as I mentioned earlier…she would’ve wanted a real Dick!

OH Fuck It I Give up!!!

But our protagonist in his own fucking Snow White fairytale thought it would be so fucking cool to be as girly as possible for his wife cause the sensitive side just brings out a man doesn’t it??? FUCK YOU!!!

I read another case where this guy gets dumped by his girlfriend, and him, being unable to lose his beloved girlfriend, tries to call her up…2000 fucking times in a week or something like that. I did not read the details cause it already made me puke in my mouth! I mean what the fuck man?!?!?! If she says it’s over, it’s over….nothing you do can fix it up. No it’s not Hollywood where all rom-coms teach you delusional tricks that can somehow paste your broken love affair and make you live happily ever after!

Pictured : Bullshit!

So if the girls says its over…what do you do ?

Here’s a few tip for you faggots out there :

1) Go home, undo your prettily done hair, mess yourself up pretty well, let your stubbles grow (if you have any) and go wild fuckers!!!!

Lassos sold separately!

2) Learn to stand and pee in the toilet like all other men do.

Even he does that!

3) Instead of hugging your pillow and crying and feeling all “Dashboard Confessional” about yourself….go sign into your XBox Live account or Playstation Network and go pwn some ass your noob!!!!

Just look at the satisfaction on that face....almost orgasm like!

4) Go partying or throw a fucking party and find something that looks like Charlize Theron or at least something decent cause you can. If that ex of yours is able to cheat on you with some dude, I am sure you can find someone too…..that’s all the confidence you gonna need.

Sorry I just want her face here......meeeooowww!!!!

5) Be happy you are single, you got no one to answer to but yourself and you got so much of time to do improvements on yourself. You still have time, and it’s not the end of the world.

Seriously don't believe what this guys says...2012 is bullshit!

6) Enjoy your fucking life. There will always be someone there for you, but importantly don’t loose your identity of being a man! Although there’s a 1.1:1 ratio of men to women in the world, to me it looks like there’s more women than men in the world…why??? Cause of the alarming rate of men who are turning into girls.

Exhibit A thinks she's a vampire....I mean "he"

So I hope this trend takes a new direction, the world needs men desperately. At least men who can hold hammers and knock in a couple of nails instead of those who are scared that it will injure their manicures. Men who can mow the lawn in the middle of hot fucking sun instead of those who hide in the shades cause their silky smooth skin will be damaged. Men who can roast a steak in the fire properly instead of those who are too afraid to go near any source of fire. Men who can lift weights with their barehands instead of faggots who need gloves to carry 20kgs of weight. Men who are proud of their testicles instead of those who wished they have pussies!

these pussies are an exception

I hope the big chunk of ladyboys will man up, become men, roaring with testosterones and be what they were meant to be!

As gay as this looks, it's the perfect example of testosterone!

So MEN, Stand Up, Man Up…..and ….. don’t be faggots please!

That is all

Till Then

Fuck Off

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