Memoirs of an Angry Nerd

Let’s take a walk back in time….my time of course dipshit!

Not a far walk but a walk back to 2005….that’s like 5 years ago for those who are bad at math. This flashback is done here cause I really can’t find anything newsworthy to write about except for this dipshit here :

Apparently he's writing a memoir about might be just 3 pages long but who the fuck cares

Before going to the events 5 years ago, let’s go a little way back where I introduce you to a friend of mine, let’s call him….Dick. Hey Dick’s a normal name right? Like Dick Grayson or Dick Tracy???? But, hey if you wanna take it literally knock yourself out!

Ladies & Gentlemen, meet Dick!

So anyway, Dick doesn’t look like the Dick pictured above. He’s just Dick…ok? Ok back to Dick.

Dick was a high school friend of mine, who established himself as kind of a dick since school anyway…so Dick’s kind of a dick….you following me so far? But anyway we were young teenagers and all, so I figured we were all dicks anyway back then so we should be outgrowing our dick eras and will be going into be responsible young adults.

And eventually be something like this.....

But of course things change, some of us become that and this. Some become proper people, some become whores, some become asshats and so on. But let’s get to the core of the story. Dick went on to get some travelling technician work which was ok for a fresh grad if you asked me. And most of us got some ok jobs too. Something extra happened to me.

This happened to me for the lack of a better word

Anyway back to Dick, he joined some MLM company and decided to become a bigger dick where he became the forceful conman cum salesman trying to earn more money cause friends and family do not matter as much as money does (seriously these dipshits teach this shit). So he tried pushing me and a couple of other buddies for this too under the pretense of “we are great friends so we must support this FOR ME”

Failure to comply will result in this

Of course we avoided him like the black plague after that as his pushy attitude became more intense.

Sorry guys this was the first pic Google returned for "intense face"..... 😦

So one fine day he(Dick) messaged me saying there’s a vacancy where he worked, keep in mind Dick was working in a good company and all and it sounded rather nice that there’s a job there and I thought of trying it, then I forgot about it.

So in between shit happened, and I needed a job pretty badly. Then I thought of the message Dick sent me one day and I just asked him back for the contact of his HR department so I can just send my resume and see what happens…Keep in mind I wasn’t asking any help, I just wanted to send my resume and wait and see what happens…cause if I wanted help I would be giving Dick a blowjob for the job….not that I give blowjobs anyway to Dick…or any dick for that matter.

I am as straight as this guy here

So well Dick called me up and said “let’s meet up about the job and I was like “dude I just need the email of ur HR dept I can send over the resume” then he said with the most sincerest voice EVER “I will get you the job, it’s my post and I am leaving”….awww….he sounded sad to leave the job….he convinced me.

Even Daniel Day Lewis would've feared Dick!

So I went and met him up. Told him I got no job and just need a job. He talked about his business, how he wanted to leave cause he’s making money and needs to focus…whatever it’s his problem…i want the FUCKING job! Then he asked me how much money I had, I told him enough to sustain me for a month or less….

Also some habits I needed to finance a bit btw.

And he said “let’s go to my office we can get a better picture” and I was like “hey your office is nearby?? Alright I am game!”

Then to my dismay, Dick brought me to the other office, where all conmen under the said MLM earlier congregate and talk shit for the whole day and don’t do a single piece of work. So why he wanted me to know how much I had? Cause I can “invest” it in the “business” and watch it grow… money which is supposed to sustain me for only a month mind you!

Yeap, Dick, who I knew for almost 10 years played a trick on me and tried to sell me to a bunch of MLM retards who dress up in suits all day and night (probably the same fucking suit the whole year since they are broke in reality) and try to con others to join so that some dickwad at the top of the pyramid gets all their money and smiles all the fucking way to the bank!

Needless to say I walked off the place….hey what did you expect? for me to go all postal and blow the place up???

It only happens in Rambo dipshits!

Ever since then I do not talk to this dipshit and he always comes crawling to me. I have since forgiven him but never forgot what he attempted to do to me. And I will always keep that in mind.

And as a message to you dipshits out there…..don’t ever do this to anyone of your friends and family. Rest assured you will fucking die alone someday.

Fucktards from MLM company have been cheating people for years and years but there are still a huge group of morons who join them and try to get others to join for their OWN FUCKING benefit too. This is the problem with us, the majority of us in this planet….we are so fucking self centered we loose sight of everything else….more on this the next post btw.

But my message here is clear, don’t be a dick like Dick….never do dick stuff like Dick did cause rest assured everyone’s gonna treat you like the dick you are and will post another blog post like I did and name you Dick the dick too….and I don’t like that, it’s redundant…let this be the sole post of about Dick the dick.

No i wasn't talking about this guy!

So Till Then

Fuck Off

P.S Do not join anymore MLM or let yourself be cheated by MLM….or god fucking forbid don’t be the con man cheating people into MLMs…..cause he’s watching from up there.

and he ALWAYS watches!

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