Dear Microsoft, Fuck You!

Imagine this….

Everyday you toast your bread, put your butter, jam or whatever turd you want to put in and have your breakfast as smoothly as possible. Then one day, your hand becomes retarded and instead of spreading the butter on the bread, you spread it on your face. Feel Retarded yet??? That’s how I feel when I am using Microsoft products!

My job unfortunately makes me deal with Microsoft products, where I install, configure and administrate Windows based servers. And most of the time a lot of my configurations are usually same at times identical cause their purpose match for different clients. The only difference being the hardware varies, some clients love HP, some love Dell, some love IBM, and blah blah you get the point.

So when I install an operating system plus any other configuration with almost same configuration, I expect the server to well behave almost alike…except maybe one being slightly lesser powered than the other and so on depending on their specs. But what I do not expect is, the same configuration to WORK in one server , and NOT WORK in the other server, causing me to reformat and reinstall it to make it work…..

Now why does this happen? I am doing the exact same thing on all the servers but noooooo our beloved Windows just love to be a diva at times. Thanks to this asshole :

Fear ME!!!

Of course I can attribute it to the next guy but let’s give him a break since he’s gone for quite sometime.

Look at the SEXAYY Smile!

So back to the issue. I never had this problem with any linux servers most of the time. If it works properly on one server, it should work well on other servers unless you have a big stroke of bad luck!

Pictured : Big stroke of bad luck!

But noo….this turd of an operating system, with it’s pretentious “Features” which are nothing more than bullshit to get idiots wagging their tongues and tails like the dumb dipshits they are just acts up whenever possible. Here’s my depiction of it :

Polished turd....just the way it should be


Dear Microsoft,

Fuck You.

This is what should happen and will happen…someday!

Such a lovely Sight....

Fuck Off

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