You’re gonna lose a fanboy dear Motorola!

I came across this news and am en route to going postal now.

Apparently those dipshits in Motorola are sort of leaving out the Motorola Milestone from getting the new Android 2.2 Froyo update. This is fucked up.

I am not a long time Motorola fan I have to admit with the previous Motorola I used being more than 10 years ago.

No I am NOT old!

Yeap basically it’s the phone that probably has the ability to make a dent on some Terminator models.

Motorola could've saved us

But of course John Connor obviously never asked this nerd for advice but decided on Jake Sully’s help instead.

Never trust some feline thingy John...never!

Now back to the story. I love Android and I got myself a Motorola Milestone. For those who are too blinded by the gayphone…I mean IPhone…here’s a shot of the Milestone.

A thing of beauty!

And as many (who are again, not blinded by GayPhone) would know, the Droid/Milestone line brought Motorola back into being relevant again. This is the company where at one point it was shitty to the point not many people ever used a Motorola phone, in fact someone gave me a puzzled look when I told them I am buying a Motorola, it’s as if the company was just born and they never heard of it. In fact, yes…..Pre-Droid/Milestone era, probably the last proper phone these guys churned out was like at least 10 years ago…AT LEAST!!!!

So what’s making me go postal you ask?

Well they are sort of abandoning the phone that made them relevant, plus it’s like a rip off to people like me who trusted them enough to buy their killer phone Droid/Milestone.

Now if these rumors are true dear fucking Motorola, you are shooting yourself in the foot and you can kiss goodbye to this fanboy right here…cause I will be moving to HTC, Sony Ericsson or GOD FUCKING FORBID, Nokia. Before you ask, NO I will not fucking turn to the GayPhone….having an asshole CEO insult me while I buy his fucking gay product by saying I am NOT HOLDING THE PHONE RIGHT does not sit right with me cause I HAVE FUCKING SELF WORTH AND PRIDE!!!! So yes…back to the topic, Motorola, proceed with this and I am selling off my Milestone and will go for HTC, Sony Ericsson or any shitty brand that comes out China instead of touching your fucking phones….

So I hope it’s just a rumor, rumors can be quashed and you dipshits better start working on quashing those rumors cause you are starting to resemble some other evil dipshit company to me.

Startin to see some resemblance here!

Till Then…

I am waiting, don’t make say Fuck Off to you Motorola….I am praying hard cause I love my Milestone.

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