Afro totally rocks!

Afro Samurai I

If there was one hairdo I ever want, it would not be any of the fucking sissy hairdo the likes of shitty boybands or midgets singing monotonous song which contains just one word for 3/4 of the song….I rather be bald…but one fucking hairdo which I want…..It would be a fuckin Afro!

I was born with straight hair, and baby soft hair…sounds very sissy doesn’t it.

But I always wished I had an afro…I know many people who get revolted with that idea (not that these people are Brad Pitt level HOT anyway), and some well some tend to be a bit lost, cause where I come from, people are just stupid and shallow, some have never even heard of an afro.

But an afro is soooooo cool.

I can like hide stuff in the afro, like chopsticks, ketchup packs, maybe guns too.

Besides, I can be like Black Dynamite or something.

Some of the coolest Afro heads I know :

– Black Dynamite

– Afro Samurai

– Jules Winnfield

– Spike Spiegel

– Jimi Hendrix

– “Dr.J” Julius Erving

so yeah I just love Afros, wish I was born with one, but it’s not gonna happen now 😦

but irregardless I am still epic! 🙂

With Love

Nerd who wants an Afro

Fuck Off!

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